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  • Star Laminates

    Glamour and style, without requiring a custom foil die. Your passes will look amazing for an unbeatable value.
    Starting at $144.75

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  • Satin “Sticky” Passes

    Perfect for one-time-access at events, our satin "sticky" passes are specially formulated to stick to fabrics - they won’t peel when exposed to moisture, sweat, or humidity.
    Starting at $59.00

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  • Wristbands

    Wristbands are a quick, cost-effective solution to crowd control management and identification. Great for events, nightclubs, and age verification.
    Starting at $56.00

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  • Laminates

    Full color, eye-catching, and with a whole surface area that's printable, our Laminates convey style and elegance for any event.
    Starting at $99.00

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  • Mini-Laminates

    All the full color, eye-catching quality of our Laminates, but in a smaller size. Convey style and elegance in a compact form!
    Starting at $79.00

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  • Merchandise

    Your passes won't hang by themselves - make sure you have what you need to hang your passes with pride.
    Starting at $10.00

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  • Pass Packages

    Our pass packages make it easy to get everything you need in one click!
    Starting at $99.00

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  • Custom Order Products

    Looking for something special? You might be surprised what we can do.

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  • Insider Collectible Personalized Frame

    A must-have for fans of Uproar and Mayhem Festivals, or Vans Warped Tour!

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  • Art Quality

    All the info you need regarding file types, DPI, color formats, and resolution. 

    Please read our quality guide carefully to ensure that your products turn out like they were meant to. 


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  • Sending Artwork

    There are many ways to send your artwork to us! Please read our sending guide carefully to make sure that your file types and sending processes will allow us to create the outstanding product you deserve. 

    View Sending Guide

  • Using Templates

    Use our shape templates to ensure that the artwork you send is sized appropriately for the product you desire. 

    Download Templates

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