ALL ACCESS PASSES at Red Bull Street Kings in New Orleans

Like the brassy sounds of New Orleans-influenced music? Red Bull Street Kings is a music festival that brings together the "next generation of brass bands influenced by the musical legacy of New Orleans." was proud to provide their All Access Passes! 

The event took place on October 26th this year and featured four bands, each of which competed by "incorporating traditional brass band standards with their own original tunes."

The four competing bands were: Free Agents Brass Band, TBC Brass Band, Stooges Brass Band, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band. Glen David Andrews hosted the event. 

The festival took place under the Clairborne Bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Just the concept gets the team's musical juices flowing - and we would have loved to be at the event, see the crowds, hear the bands, eat the jumbalaya (we would have found some), and see our All Access Passes (the music industry often refers to them as laminates) in action! 

All Access Passes, VIP passes, and other laminated security credentials are a great method of crowd control because they are hard to counterfeit, easy to distinguish and identify, and easily enable your security personnel to allow the proper workers, staff, and VIP in designated areas. At, our top quality design and materials authentically represent and enhance any event. 

The passes also become memorable keepsakes - so any sponsorships you sell on the badges are worth that much more. 

Check out Red Bull Street Kings HERE

Contact us the next time you need VIP passes - whether it be a concert, music festival, sporting event, wedding, or conference! We'll make your event shine!

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